All About Concrete Mixer Trucks

Posted on 9th Sep 2020

Concrete mixer trucks are misunderstood. For starters, they are often mistakenly called cement mixers and driving one isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. Driving a concrete truck requires a special set of skills. Officially known as a Concrete Agitator Truck Driver, to perform this job you will need a minimum of a current Heavy Rigid License and an OHS Construction Induction (White Card). Let’s find out more about these trucks and what it’s like driving them.

Types Of Concrete Truck Mixers

Fortunately, the days of using a shovel to mix concrete are long gone. Hand mixing concrete requires a great deal of physical strength and takes much, much longer. Concrete mixers now come mounted on trucks allowing for quick and efficient concrete mixing at any location. There are different types of concrete mixing trucks. Some common ones include:

Concrete pump truck


Volumetric concrete truck


Rough Terrain Concrete Truck


How Concrete Mixers Work

A concrete mixer truck has a revolving drum mounted on the back. This drum mixes the components; a combination of cement (a complex blend of minerals), water and gravel (or stone) together to make concrete.  Portable concrete mixers are still used on job sites where a smaller volume of concrete is required. This allows the concrete to be made on site, so workers have more time to use it before it hardens. 

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